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SEO – The Keyword For Online Survival

Over the last decade, the web world has seen a sea change and there are certain aspects that have seen an exponential rise both in case of usability and function in the web world. One of the practices that has seen a meteoric rise in the last decade or so is the use of SEO to generate more hits and make a site more search engine friendly. There is no denying that it has somehow diluted the genuineness of search engine findings as not always the best services rank at the top. In a world of stiff competition though, use of such techniques to leverage a pages web ranking is absolutely pivotal. However miniscule the business is, the use of SEO is as rampant as creating web page itself.

The art of SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is by no means an easy task. The search engine spiders crawl for relevant content and automatically push quality content upwards in the page rank. A slight change in the algorithm of leading search engine providers can alter a page’s ranking drastically. The SEO experts thus keep themselves abreast with the latest techniques and fundamentals that help them in countering the ploy of search engines and keep the page ranking intact. The big firms keep no leaf unturned in investing handsomely on optimization, bearing in mind the returns on investment. There are though some basic optimization techniques that get priority. In no particular order they are original Content, Meta Tags, Advanced HTML Source Code Optimization, W3C Validation and Reporting, Image Optimization, Body Copy Optimization, Flash/JS Optimization, Internal Linking & Navigation Optimization, XML Sitemap generation and submission and creation. Though being a complicated affair at times, choosing the best SEO plans for your business may just be the secret to streamline profit and making the most of revenues at disposal.

India as a SEO hub

The technologically adapt workforce in India has propelled the country in being one the most preferred destinations for offshore clients to optimize their webpage ranking. Outsourcing seo services to india is a cost effective method opted by thousands of offshore clients. As they get to avail cheap workforce coupled with skilled services, which goes a long way in making India a lucrative investment destination. There is absolutely no doubt in saying that the explosion witnessed by the web world, has also garnered India a reputable place in the SEO horizon.

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Article Marketing For Seo And Unbiased Evaluation

There’s always a piece of Marketing Heaven out there in the trenches as I like to call it. What I mean is submitting articles. I say this because using a service like the Article Cube Article Submission Service can help you acheive your marketing goals in a more timely manner. It doesn’t cost you anything to submit your prose here, not to mention you stand to gain a great deal of SEO Back Link Benefits by using this service.

Many folks have understood that drafting articles, outsourcing them or utilizing Article Marketing Software and then having them posted all over the internet can do a myriad to commence giving you and your business the attention.observance that you and your business require. But beyond the drafting, you may not realize what you may have to to concern yourself with. When you look at something such as the Article Cube Article Submission Service, you’ll eventually discover that your options are going to be fairly diverse, so you should not limit yourself.

When you want to make absolutely certain that you and your business can attract lots of attention.observance, stop and consider what the Article Cube Article Submission Service can do for you and your business. Whether you are drafting an Article on International Marketing or Articles For Marketing, this service can help you get where you require to be. In the first place, you should be cognizant that there are a myriad of folks who are going to go looking through the article directories trying to discover Articles on Global Marketing. While they may not pay for your articles, you can bet that they are going to spread all over the place. How would you like to discover your work in a blog or a newsletter?

Articles on Marketing Management

Once of the best ways to get unlimited back links and a higher google PR score is by submitting articles on a continuous basis. Even if you only get out 10 articles a month it will help your Page Rank. In case you weren’t aware of what Page Rank is, it’s Google’s evaluation of how important your website is. They count age, number of backlinks, how on topic your site is and a variety of other variables most of us don’t even know since their algorithms are proprietary.

If you may have to Articles on Marketing Management or Articles About Marketing Research that you want to announce into larger circulation, you’ll soon discover that taking a look at this Article Marketing Site is going to be of huge importance. How good is great drafting if no one will even take a look at it. And think about all the folks who subscribe to this directories RSS feeds and will pick up your articles, giving you even more no-cost back links. You may have some unparalleled Articles In Marketing circulating out there, and if they do not have the advantage of being displayed in a professional manner, you may discover that you and your business are going to be hurting when it comes to the no-cost publicity that these articles could generate for you and your business.

Personally we are both full time article marketers, so I guess our opinion on this service is bias slanted in the positive direction when it comes to the Article Cube Article Submission Service. With just a minute amount of effort, you can get super SEO Benefits as well as extra traffic from the articles themselves since these all have great page rank. Writing Unique, keyword rich articles is a great way to continuously and even exponentially build great traffic to your websites. Best of luck!

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Optimized Content Writing

When trying to increase website traffic and search engine rankings everyone that is experienced with search engine optimization understands the importance of optimized content writing. Good content is the key to creating a successful website, however achieving this level of quality can be troublesome. This article explains and gives tips on how to write effective optimized content for websites.

Optimized content is writing that satisfies both readers and search engines. Optimized content uses keywords that are picked up by search engines but also contains useful or entertaining information for readers. While it is important to have a good keyword density, it is just as important that your content is not garbage. Remember, people are actually reading what you put on the Internet, so do not just stuff an article with keywords just for the sake of satisfying the search engines.

When writing your content you need to choose suitable keywords. These keywords will be based on a supply and demand concept. You want to have the right words to attract the proper target audience. There are plenty of programs that can used to help you find the proper keywords for your site.

When writing an article, try to focus on one or two keywords. You want to select words that are high demand but with low competitiveness. I know I said not to just fill your content with keywords for the sake of filling them, but it is important to repeat your keywords as much as possible. Just make sure what you are writing makes sense.

Some ways you can place your keywords are in the title of a page, the heading of the article, and in the META description and file name. When creating the title try to keep it concise and to the point, the title should not be more that five words, and make sure to make your keyword the main focus of that title. The rest of the article should revolve around that keyword. Your most important paragraphs will be for first and last so especially make sure these two paragraphs contain keywords.

I mentioned keyword density earlier. That is the amount your keywords are taking up your optimized copy. For example, if your keyword is ?Apple Tree? and it appears twice in an article of 100 words then your keywords density would be four percent. You ideally want to have a density of four to six percent. To calculate this percentage all you need to do is divide the number of keywords by the total number of words in the content.

Though you can target multiple keywords per blog or article, it is best to focus on one. That way you target your audience better. Optimized content writing can be difficult at times but if you stay creative and write at least an article a week then you will make both your readers and the search engines happy.

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Getting Your Site Indexed On The Search Engines

So you have had your website up and running for awhile now and the major search engines have yet to recognize the site? You aren?t alone. Many sites have a hard time becoming indexed. Sometimes it is due to being new or possibly it is just a matter of bad luck. Fortunately there are options in the quest to be indexed and one, if not a combination of a few, will get your website the attention it needs by being indexed by the major search engines.

First method to consider is search engine submission. Sounds easy right? All you have to do is sign up and your site is indexed. Not exactly. For most of the search engines simply filling in the requested information on the submission form is enough to get the ball rolling. This method is useful everywhere except when dealing with Google. As the most popular and largest search engine, they tend to be a little pickier. The key to becoming indexed by Google is to get link exchanges from other sites that are indexed by Google. Otherwise the powers that be see the unlinked site as of little value.

Another way to help your website get noticed is pay per click advertising. This one won?t actually help get the site indexed, but it may very well increase traffic to the site. That could increase revenue and make your site more appealing to other webmasters that may allow links to be placed. And that does help with search engine indexing.

While on the subject of links, these little blurbs on someone else?s website can be incredibly useful in getting attention from the major search engines. One way to receive links is to politely request a link exchange of the potential webmaster. Often you will discover that if space on the site allows, the other website owner will request that you place a link on your site back to them. While search engines have gotten wise to this practice, it will up your website?s exposure to the general population. The notion of registering with web directories will help gain the respectability needed to be recognized by the search engines for indexing. Some directories charge a fee for inclusion and others will accept payment to place your listing quickly or higher on the page. If finances are a major concern, there are some web directories that don?t charge for inclusion. It will help with the indexing issue; just not as quickly as the directories that charge.

It can be incredibly time consuming to build up the necessary links to get attention from the search engines. There are programs available that will help you set up a request letter and submit the requests to other websites with similar content to yours, saving you a lot of time. While there is a monetary charge associated with this type of software, it can save the webmaster hours of work and frustration.

While working to get your new, or slow moving existing website noticed by the search engines for index inclusion, remember to be patient and get those vitally necessary inbound links.

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Linkadage?s Take On Google’s New Search Engine Patent

Has Google thrown the cyber world a curveball? Let’s fill in some blanks and connect a few dots regarding the recently-filed patent application for Google’s latest Search Engine algorithm – Search Engine 125. For those unfamiliar with the inner workings of search engines, each Search Engine uses its own unique formula for determining that all-important ranking for each web site. Remember, users who query a Search Engine rarely look beyond the first page, so if you want to increase visitor traffic, step one is to develop your website in a way that matches the major search engine’s ranking algorithms. You need to find out what the search engines like and make sure you feed it to them.

Now, over the years, the formulae used by search engines to rank a site have grown more complex. Pre-2000, search engines didn’t do much more than count keywords on a site. The more times the words ‘limburger cheese’ appeared on the site, the higher the site’s limburger cheese search engine ranking position (SERP). Of course, the key then became to develop SEO text with limburger cheese mentioned in every header, twice in subheads and at least once in every paragraph. Hardly compelling reading, except for the most avid of limburger cheese fans.

So, the Google, Yahoo, and MSN search engines moved to improve the quality of their SERPs, to provide users with helpful, expert information. Changes were made to the keyword algorithms (the weighing formulae), awarding more points for things like the quality of inbound and outbound links to and from a site. This meant that quality links from a relevant ‘authority’ site – a highly-prized designation, will move your site up in the SERPs.

Well, on March 31, 2005, Google applied for a patent on its latest search algorithm. For those who have no fear of their brains exploding from buzzword overload do a search on ?Patent Application 0050071741? to read the entire patent. The patent application describes “a method for scoring a document comprising: identifying the document; obtaining one or more types of history (sic) data associated with the document; and generating a score for the document based on the one or more types of historical data.”

Apparently (or not), Google has determined that historical data associated with each site is an essential ingredient in developing the highest quality search results for users who query. And just what kind of historical data are we talking about here? Well, things like:

* the site’s inception date (more likely the date the Search Engine noticed you)
* how frequently documents are added and removed from the site
* how often sites change over time
* number of visitors over time
* number of repeat visitors
* number of times your site is bookmarked
* how often keyword density is changed
* the rate at which the site’s anchor text is revised
* inbound/outbound links – how long in place and high trust (quality) links

The list goes on and on. Factors associated with your domain include: how long your site has been registered, has the domain expired (ghost sites), is the domain stable – as in not moving from one physical address to another.

Links remain a key component of Search Engine 125. Links have to be relevant to your site. Links to your site increase in “SERP Power” as they age. Link growth should be slow and steady. A sudden influx of inbound links – especially links that have no relationship to the content of your site – is a surefire way to drop in the SERPs. Google gives such sites a much lower score.

How about data on your visitor traffic? How will Search Engine 125 weigh that? Number of visitors, growth in visitor rates, spikes in visitor rates, the length of each visitor’s stay, number of bookmarks to and favorite rankings of your site – all enter into Google’s new Search Engine algo according to the patent application.

Another weighing factor is search results. The number of searches using a given query word or phrase, a sudden increase or decrease in click through rates, an exceedingly large number of quick click throughs (which might indicate ‘stale’ content), again all factors that Google believes will increase the quality of its search results.

Other factors are also listed as part of the patent application. A site with frequent ups and downs in traffic will lose points for untrustworthiness (even if your site sells only seasonal items!). Keyword volatility, focus change and other variables will also be employed in Google’s never-ending quest to quantify the quality of each site its Search Engine delivers to users based on their queries.

So, okay, where’s the mystery? The intrigue? The disinformation? The e-commerce community is abuzz with speculation – speculation that Google’s well-publicized patent is nothing more than a plant to throw off the competition, disinformation intended to keep the competition and SEOs off balance. So why the speculation? Well, even a quick scan of the patent application reveals large areas of gray, vagaries and downright inconsistencies within Google’s proposed ranking criteria. For example, sites are penalized for changing content often (untrustworthy) and rewarded for the frequent addition of new content (freshness). A paradox, you say? Or all part of Google’s master plan to feint right while going left.

The object, in the end, is quality search results. That’s what Google, Yahoo and the other popular search engines want – that perfect equation, the ideal formula that will provide high quality search results. And for site owners and designers who, in fact, do keep their sites fresh, who have quality links useful to visitors, who deliver the information the user is looking for – there’s no reason for concern. However, the owners of links farms, keyword dense sites and cyber garbage dumps should sit up and take notice. In the end, quality search engines will inevitably improve the quality of content available on the Internet.

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How To Drive Search Engine Spiders To Your Website

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of learning and understanding the search engines and their indexing algorithm in and changing or designing a web site to rank high on user searches. Rank is the relative position in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for a keyword or key phrase search.

No fancy links, no doorway pages, no spamming techniques can achieve what clean, logical and spam free coding (HTML) can. Here is a quick checklist to drive the search engine spiders to your website.

Search engine optimization coding Checklist:

* CSS: Using CSS as it simplifies site maintenance.
* “H1” and “H2” tags: A must. Place your keywords in the HTML header codes “H1” and “H2” tags.
* Anchor text: Use keyword rich anchor text that best justifies your landing page.
* Title Tag: Maximum 90 Characters.
* Keyword tags: Maximum 25 words.
* Browsing Menu: If you use java script menu include redundant set of text links.
* Internal Linking: Ensure that you have good internal linkage and no dead pages.
* Dynamic URLs: In case of dynamic URLs use tools to convert dynamic links into static.
* The correct way to use newly created static pages is to place links to the dynamic pages on the static pages, effectively submitting the static pages to the major search engines manually.
* Use W3 HTML Validator
* Other tags: “Strong” & “em” tags perform well than “b” in the eyes of Spiders, without compromising website aesthetics.
* Avoid placing links in images
* Avoid Javascript, flash and frames
* Avoid Dynamic URLs.

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Search Engine Marketing Solutions Helps To Achieves Online Marketing Targets

Many online business enterprises are lost in the crowd due to lack of search engine marketing tactics. To make your online business to survive it is certain that you should have an effective and targeted search engine marketing plan. To achieve this campaign you need to accomplish the following. Understand the basic SEO concepts. Without this you will be hitting an arrow in the dark without knowing the basics. When you become aware of and understand these SEO concepts, apply these principles to your own website. Try to adopt all the possible combinations of enhanced SEO at your website. For targeted search engine marketing make an effective online marketing strategy and constantly review and restructure your targeted search engine marketing plan. Hire the services of SEO professional for finding search engine marketing solutions. It may cost money to you but it is indeed a very good investment in the long term.

Make sure that you provide search engine marketing solutions to your overall comprehensive online marketing plan. This should be certain that you provide solutions keeping in view the target audience that is appropriate for the business of your website. Hire consulting and services of other individuals if required, to meet your online search engine marketing requirements.

To find the right keywords and search terms for your website are also part of search engine marketing solutions. These mail tools are essential for search engine marketing. Optimize your website on these keywords and try to increase links for these to rank high in search engines. Better ranking will help you in better search engine marketing. Keywords are the tools through which search engines recognize your URL in the World Wide Web. Use alt Meta tags, title tags carefully with keywords to get better response from search engines. Submit your site to search engines to make your site familiar in the World Wide Web. Do link popularity of your website among other websites and users.

For online paid advertising you can also use PPC adds to get your website listed in the top of the paid advertisement sin search results. Get traffic analysis for your website by installing traffic analyzer and log file analyzer. This way you can make reports regarding stat counters of visitors and implement search engine marketing strategies for visitors.

As Search engine marketing has become necessary as people nowadays prefer to buy products online as this saves their time and money, adopting the correct search engine marketing solutions for your website could help your website to appear in the top of search engines and your site can get more hits and thus generate more queries and business leads resulting in more sales and more profits.

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Search Engine Optimization (seo): Important Factors

In SEO process developing Meta tags is one of the most important and difficult task. Based on the ongoing analysis and keywords our SEO’s shall form an optimal class of Meta tags combining title, considered to be the most important tag as per Search engine optimization is a technique and it is incredibly important for natural and organic search results. This technique will optimize your website in a way that it is easier for the search engines to show it in their search results. SEO is very important in order to make your website in reach of potential visitors / customers.

Cignus Web Services ensures that your website gains highest possible rank within Google, yahoo, MSN live search and other leading search engines. We use it as a major tool for marketing your website. We are just bound to make you profitable with search engine optimization tool.

SEO makes sure that the search engines do not overlook your web site. In addition to on page search engine optimization you should also be doing extensive linking and off page optimization techniques.

We will increase your online traffic and sales
We will discuss your specific requirements with you and then recommend a search engine optimization plan (SEO) that will suit your budget. At Cignus Web, we are flexible in our approach to providing Search Engine Optimization solution

Some of the stages in the SEO process are outlined as follows:
Categorize defining key words
This assigns your team as well as our team to come up with best possible out-come founded key phases for deriving best results throughout this program. Your industry would be reached and a creating session will be under taken to arrive at a best set of keywords/ key phrases pertaining to you business awareness.

Meta Tags
As search engine ranking is concerned, description and key word. With this process Cignus Web develops Meta tags for each web page for client’s site. It concentrates on each product or service that is described on the page, thus covering a wide range of keywords.

Competition Analysis
Competition analysis is a procedure of making an absolute research on your competitors. This competition analysis will help in set up a strategy to attain top position in search engine and maximize its presentation and gain business.

Content Analysis
In this step we review content of your website. We promise that content that we will change should be search engine friendly and always should have its innovative meaning.

In the web page HTML Code cleansing is a process and is used for analyze and review the code and fix all errors at the same time. We will manually change all codes that are automatically formed at the time of design and are useless.

Image Optimization
On page optimization is most important step in Image. Search engine specialists of our company will optimize all images on your site to decrease its site retaining its quality and resolution so that page can load quickly and images could be optimized according to search engines.

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Anchor Text And Link Location is The Key Factor in Link Building

The Link Location

Now, after discovering the right type of link building you would like to build, it is recommended to find the correct website to set it on. Since search engines rank the pages and no the websites, you want to make certain that the page your link is going to be placed in is a good page with good traffic and search engine recognition. See, if the link to your website is coming from a bad website, Google will think your website is bad too which leads to less search engine recognition.

The Link Anchor Text and Target

The last component of producing links will be the anchor text and URL target. SEO Company has to look as natural link building as it can be. The text that represents the link would be the keyword you are hoping to target but shouldn’t always be exactly the same. For instance, if you are focusing on cheap electric guitars, make the anchor text be like: inexpensive electric guitars, electric guitars, click here, guitar shop, and so forth. so that it appears to be natural as is feasible. Last but not least, don’t solely create the link building service to pinpoint the main page. Distribute it out, link the goods and services page, the blog, about the company, and so forth.

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Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Article marketing is one of the best free online marketing strategies to drive targeted traffic to your website and increase your sales. When writing and submitting your quality articles, submit them to major and well-known article submission directories.

Article marketing is one of the best free online marketing strategies to drive serious amounts of traffic to your website. There are several different books available on article marketing to help you succeed. Make sure when writing your article that you submit them to major and well-known article directories.

Want the absolute best affiliate marketing strategies? Eager to take home those fat affiliate paychecks? It’s really not as hard as you may think. But, to those that have yet to find success with their affiliate marketing strategies, what to do might as well be written on the moon.

Pay Per Click. Just as the name denotes, Pay Per Click (PPC) is a marketing strategy that generates revenue for affiliates through the clicking of provided links. Each time visitors to affiliates’ web sites click on marketers’ links, affiliates earn commissions. The downside to PPC and the affiliate strategy is the dependence upon active visitor response and the popularity of the PPC format.

One important affiliate marketing strategy is to know what features are most sought after by affiliates and publishers in the online affiliate programs that you are planning to start. This will keep your affiliate partners satisfied, resulting in increased sales and thus increased revenues.

The other effective way of generating keyword rich articles is by using the services of a ghost writer who understands SEO (search engine optimization). When you work with a ghost writer who understands and applies SEO to their writing, you will always get massive results in terms of targeted traffic generated to your affiliate blog. This will also have an impact on your affiliate income because it will be on the high side.

Other workable affiliate marketing strategies worth mentioning include finding a product that is selling and that you believe you could make or create a better product. Then you become active in affiliate marketing of all of the competing product versions to learn the market and learn what buyers are looking for.

The best affiliate marketing strategy is one which combines the oldest, yet known to convert, best method with some new ideas which you come up with, and then execute the strategy over and over again and you will succeed.

Being an affiliate also requires a good knowledge on online advertising as this can involve a lot of online advertising techniques and affiliate marketing strategies. If you have a good background on pay per click advertising, or search engine optimization, or article marketing, or lead generation, surely, your chances in making big money with affiliate marketing is also high.

Different Internet Marketing tools have been developed to aid the different affiliate marketing strategies, this tools have made other promotional methods like viral marketing, ezine and article submission an easy task. Many experienced marketers have successfully combined these internet marketing software with the different marketing strategies.