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Black Hat Seo: Beware Of Unethical Tricks

With competition becoming rampant in the online world, serious online entrepreneurs wish to have their websites ruling the search engine rankings. For higher page rankings, they look for the services of seo experts to get the best search engine optimization techniques. The web has lots of search engine experts assuring ?top 10 positions? instantly. But is it possible to get instant page rank success?

The answer would probably be a big NO! A search engine optimization expert guaranteeing instant results employs some illegitimate tricks to help your website appear at the top. Impatient webmasters employ the services of such so called seo experts and have their sites appear in the top of the search engine results. With a dash of luck, the site may stay a bit longer, but once the search engines discover the tricky techniques, do expect some serious penalties. Most of the tricks employed by such search engine optimization experts are termed as black hat SEO.

There are numerous Black Hat SEO tricks employed by some experts. One of the most common techniques is keyword stuffing. Stuffing keywords or text of the same background color can result in an outright rejection by search engine crawlers.

Another technique is using Doorway Pages or ?fake pages?. Doorway pages are also called as gateway or entry pages. These pages are filled with keywords and are programmed only for search engine bots and not human visitors. The core philosophy behind search engine optimization is enhancing user experience. A web page made only for search engines and not for humans is an unethical approach to SEO. Major search engines like Google have stringent policies for doorway pages.

Artificial linking such as link farms and link stuffing is also another black hat SEO technique. Search engines dislike it because of the use of several back links to connect spam sites without any purpose. Such sites get penalized instantly.
SEO experts in India always follow white hat SEO techniques. The techniques follow the search engine guideline pages. An ideal SEO India creates web pages for users and not for search engines. Remember, there are no short-cuts to success. Original and unique content rule search engine page ranks!

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