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Optimized Content Writing

When trying to increase website traffic and search engine rankings everyone that is experienced with search engine optimization understands the importance of optimized content writing. Good content is the key to creating a successful website, however achieving this level of quality can be troublesome. This article explains and gives tips on how to write effective optimized content for websites.

Optimized content is writing that satisfies both readers and search engines. Optimized content uses keywords that are picked up by search engines but also contains useful or entertaining information for readers. While it is important to have a good keyword density, it is just as important that your content is not garbage. Remember, people are actually reading what you put on the Internet, so do not just stuff an article with keywords just for the sake of satisfying the search engines.

When writing your content you need to choose suitable keywords. These keywords will be based on a supply and demand concept. You want to have the right words to attract the proper target audience. There are plenty of programs that can used to help you find the proper keywords for your site.

When writing an article, try to focus on one or two keywords. You want to select words that are high demand but with low competitiveness. I know I said not to just fill your content with keywords for the sake of filling them, but it is important to repeat your keywords as much as possible. Just make sure what you are writing makes sense.

Some ways you can place your keywords are in the title of a page, the heading of the article, and in the META description and file name. When creating the title try to keep it concise and to the point, the title should not be more that five words, and make sure to make your keyword the main focus of that title. The rest of the article should revolve around that keyword. Your most important paragraphs will be for first and last so especially make sure these two paragraphs contain keywords.

I mentioned keyword density earlier. That is the amount your keywords are taking up your optimized copy. For example, if your keyword is ?Apple Tree? and it appears twice in an article of 100 words then your keywords density would be four percent. You ideally want to have a density of four to six percent. To calculate this percentage all you need to do is divide the number of keywords by the total number of words in the content.

Though you can target multiple keywords per blog or article, it is best to focus on one. That way you target your audience better. Optimized content writing can be difficult at times but if you stay creative and write at least an article a week then you will make both your readers and the search engines happy.

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